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As a leader in CARC painting services, Royal Coatings confidently meets the unique and highly technical specifications required by subcontractors in the aerospace and military technology sectors. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, we ensure that your parts are protected and compliant with the most demanding requirements. Discover the difference of partnering with Royal Coatings for your CARC coating needs.

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What is CARC Coating?

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) is a specialized type of paint used on military vehicles and equipment to provide protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. It is designed to be easily decontaminated after exposure to harmful substances, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. In addition to its resistance to chemical agents, CARC coating offers excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and reduced infrared visibility, making it a critical component in the manufacturing process for military hardware.

Benefits of CARC

There are several significant benefits to using CARC coating on your military equipment. First and foremost, it provides unparalleled protection against chemical and biological agents. The coating forms an impermeable barrier that prevents the penetration of harmful substances, ensuring that your equipment remains operational in even the most challenging environments. Additionally, CARC coating offers enhanced corrosion resistance, ensuring that your parts maintain their structural integrity over time. Finally, the reduced infrared visibility provided by CARC coating helps to conceal military assets, improving their survivability on the battlefield.

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The CARC Process

The CARC coating process begins with thorough surface preparation to ensure proper paint adhesion. This typically involves cleaning, degreasing, and abrasive blasting to remove any contaminants and create an ideal surface for the coating. Once prepared, the parts are primed with a specialized epoxy primer that offers excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The CARC topcoat is then applied, creating a robust, chemically resistant barrier that meets the stringent requirements of military specifications

Military Specification CARC

Mil-spec, or military specification, coatings are required for all military hardware to ensure they meet the necessary performance and durability standards. CARC coatings adhere to these stringent specifications, guaranteeing that your parts are protected against chemical and biological agents and providing essential corrosion resistance, durability, and reduced infrared visibility. Compliance with mil-spec requirements is necessary to maintain your equipment’s integrity and functionality in the field.


What Is CARC Paint?

CARC paint is a specialized type of coating used on military vehicles and equipment to provide protection against chemical and biological warfare agents and corrosion and to reduce infrared visibility.

What Does CARC Stand For?

CARC stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, a paint specifically designed for military applications to protect against chemical and biological agents, corrosion, and reduce infrared visibility.

What Are CARC Codes?

CARC codes are unique identifiers assigned to specific colors and formulations of CARC paint, ensuring that the correct coating is used for each application and that all components meet military specifications.

Choose Royal Coatings for your CARC painting needs and experience the difference of working with a confident, direct, and authoritative partner that understands the complex requirements of aerospace and military technology manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about our CARC coating services and how we can help your business thrive.

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