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Purchase Orders Terms & Conditions

SPOR-1 QUALITY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The Supplier shall maintain a Quality Management System in-line with AS9100/ISO 9001or equivalent, or QMS system approved by Royal Coatings Supply Base Management.

EMPLOYEE AWARENESS: The supplier shall communicate to ensure its employees are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, applicable product safety, and importance of ethical behavior.

SPOR- 2 CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMANCE: Certificate of Conformance signed by duly authorized representative of the supplier is required with each shipment stating material or service meets all applicable drawings and/or specifications, and evidence of such is on file subject to examination by Royal Coatings or Royal Coatings customers.
SPOR- 3 LOT CONTROL AND TRACEABILITY: Identification for traceability by lot number material type, specification and applicable change letters, etc. is required.  Traceability records shall be available for review by Royal Coatings.
SPOR- 4 INSPECTION AND TEST INSTRUCTION: The Supplier shall maintain inspection/test processes covering all mutually agreed requirements
SPOR- 5 MARKING AND PACKAGING REQUIREMENTSSupplier shall mark all parts (unless bag and tag is indicated) in accordance with applicable notes on Royal Coatings or its customers drawings, specifications, or purchasing instructions as provided by the buyer.  Where specific packaging instructions are not provided by Royal Coatings, the supplier shall use best commercial packaging and marking, as appropriate.
SPOR-6 CALIBRATION: The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures to control, calibrate and maintain inspection, measuring and test equipment (including test software) used by the supplier to demonstrate the conformance of product or service to the specified requirements (N.I.S.T. traceable per ANSI/NCSL Z 540).  Inspection, measuring and test equipment shall be used in a manner which ensures that measurement uncertainty is known and is consistent with the required measurement capability.
SPOR- 7 CALIBRATION LABS.: The calibration Laboratory shall have a quality system accredited certification or compliance to ISO 17025. All calibration services performed shall have documented traceability to NIST standards per ANSI/NCSL Z540 to demonstrate their conformance to the specified requirements.
SPOR- 8 SPECIAL PROCESS: In fulfillment of this purchase order, if any requirement for a Special Process {plating, coating, painting, Thermal Treatment, Testing etc.}, Royal Coatings supplier must use only Approved “Special Processes Suppliers”. Process Certifications must be supplied with each shipment.
SPOR- 9 SUPPLIER RECORDS/ DOCUMENTS: Supplier shall maintain product and process related quality records on file, and made available to Royal Coatings and regulatory agencies upon request. Retention of quality records shall be for a period of not less than ten (10) years from the date product is shipped to Royal Coatings.(unless otherwise specified)
SPOR- 10 SUPPLIER NOTIFICATION TO ROYAL COATINGS OF NONCONFORMING MATERIAL: Supplier shall notify Royal Coatings of nonconforming material or serviced parts and obtain approval prior to any shipment of parts.
SPOR- 11 SHELF LIFE: Where product requires shelf life control, the Supplier shall be responsible for labeling Shelf Life items.

Each unit package, as a minimum, must be identified with the part number, date of manufacture, storage temperature, date of storage expiration, name of manufacturer. At least 75% of the original Shelf Life must remain at the time of receipt at Royal Coatings, unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order.

COUNTERFEIT MITIGATION PROGRAM The seller shall establish and implement test and inspection activities necessary to assure the authenticity and conformance of purchased materiel in compliance with AS6174 Requirements.



The Supplier shall establish, document and maintain a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) prevention program, involving the processes at Supplier’s (or Supplier’s sources manufacturing, test and inspection operations to prevent introduction of foreign objects/debris into any product delivered under this Purchase Order.

SPOR- 12 RIGHT OF ACCESS: On-site verification of Supplier’s Quality Management System, manufacturing process, and product may be subject to surveillance or inspection by Royal Coatings, Royal Coatings customers, or Regulatory Agencies and shall be allowed access to Supplier’s facility upon reasonable notification. Additionally, supplier shall flow down this right of access requirement to its sub-tier suppliers.
SPOR- 13 SAFETY DATASHEET “SDS”: The supplier shall include a copy of a current Safety Datasheet “SDS” in the shipping documents if requested on the purchase order of the chemicals provided to Royal Coatings.
SPOR- 14 PROCESS/PRODUCT CONTROL: The Supplier shall implement a system to control processes and product in meeting all Purchase Order requirements and specifications. Any changes to the approved processes such as: production methods, facility relocation, Inspection methods, delivery changes etc. shall be immediately reported to Royal Coatings.


FLOW DOWN OF REQUIREMENTS TO SUB-TIER SUPPLIERS: Supplier shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in this purchasing document, including key characteristics, where required.


DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY: The supplier under this purchase order hereby is given the delegation of authority for validation of furnish chemical and/or physical test reports and/or raw material certifications and acknowledges that the information provided are validated and found to be in compliance with Royal Coatings purchase order requirements.
SPOR-17 SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE: is monitored based on Quality and Delivery – Goals have been established at 90% or higher. Royal Coating may elect to flow down a corrective action request any time the supplier is below the goal. Suppliers may be subject to removal from Royal Coatings Approved Supplier List if the supplier does not respond to the corrective action request in a timely manner.


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