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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a superior alternative to liquid paint, offering optimum coating thickness, superior bonding process, and excellent corrosion protection.

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Powder Coating Preparation

To ensure a proper coating, parts should be inspected for cleanliness, free of dirt, grease, oil, and other foreign material which may inhibit proper bonding. Naturally, we can mask and plug those critical areas as required by the customer.

Process of Powder Coating

The Process of Powder Coating

The process of electro powder coating is a dry painting process in which powder particles are applied directly to the surface without the use of solvents or water. The charged powder is attracted to the grounded part to be coated.

This enables a uniform coating to be applied to all surface areas, hidden or exposed. The coated part is then heated to fuse and harden the film.

Paint Coating Process

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coated parts reduce drips, runs, or sags and provide excellent edge coverage. Benefits of powder coating are:

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protective
  • Decorative
  • and Durable

Powder Coating Capabilities

Some powder types include Urethane, Epoxy, Hybrid, and Polyester. There is an endless variety of colors and textures to select.

We have the ability to offer short, medium, and long run production capabilities.

powder coating on rims

Where is Powder Coating Used?

Powder coating is used for a wide range of materials and products throughout every industry. They are all uniquely suited for metal and aluminum composites. Here is a short list of end-product industry applications for metal powder coating.

  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Military Technology
  • Construction
  • Commercial

Proven Materials

You will receive the very best and most proven quality materials here at Royal Coatings. That is what we pride ourselves on. You will find that our powder coatings are the most decorative and durable for your products. There will be no paint chippings with the powder coatings we apply. Our products are also cost-effective, a massive plus for any business. But our powder coatings are also environmentally friendly.

We have applicators that are specialized in applying the powder coating with no flaws. You will not need to have any reworks done to your products, which saves you and us valuable time and money. You will be amazed at the kind of material we produce at Royal Coatings. It will make you want to keep coming back.

Powder Coated Materials


  • MIL-DTL-32348

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Powder Coating FAQs

How Long Does A Powder Coat Last?

Our Finishes last 15-20 years depending on pre-treatment. Some variables such as use, environment, and cleaning chemicals also factor into the overall life span of the paint.

What can be powder coated?

The powder coating is cured under high heat, so any material that can withstand 400°F can be powder coated. Bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, and steel can all be powder coated. This means anything metallic can be powder coated.

Are powder coating products toxic?

All of the powders we use are non-toxic, non-volatile, and utterly safe, whether being sprayed or stored. The powders can be recycled or disposed of at landfills.

Will Powder coating fill in chips and scratches?

Powder coating can cover minor scratches and imperfections. The end result will only be as good as the applicable surface.

Can powder coating be repaired?

Yes, they can be repaired with the proper process. Do not ever try touching up a powder coat with regular paint. That will just ruin the material.

How long does a powder coat take to cure?

It all depends on the material and thickness. Powder coats average 30 minutes at 350°F. Your parts and material will be completely cured when received.